History of hotel PANORAMA RESORT ****

Author: Ing. arch. Zdeněk Řihák
Project: 1965 - 1967
Implementation: 1967 – 1970
Reconstruction: 2008 - 2010

Hotel Panorama is located on the dike moraines Strbske Pleso constitutes by far the visible figure. It was built during the construction boom in the High Tatras and is one of the mold most expressive construction of recreation facilities in Slovakia.

Accommodation section was originally placed on the horizontal part of the social. One-floor living part of the hotel include a lobby, a restaurant with 360 seats catering facilities, coffee shop, snack bar, a central kitchen and more. Property is partially built on the plinth of the former cog rialway track.

Eleven storey accommodation part of the original total capacity of 160 beds, which is stepped up dynamically modifies, thence north and narrows towards the east is expanding. The individual levels are initially available only shared vertical core with 2 elevators and stairs, the layout of each floor is different.

The work of architect Ian Řiháka shows a contemporary interest in creating original mass and shape distinct concepts, which often overshadowed functional, contextual and proportionate site architecture.

Text: Peter Szalay, adjusted Lucia Okoličányová
Lit.: Project 12, 1970, #. 5/6, p. 228 – 229
Dulla Matúš, Moravčíková Henrieta: Architecture of Slovakia in the 20th century. Slovart, Bratislava, 2002, p.430-431.

The hotel developed after reconstruction and completion of the original Hotel PANORAMA. Thanks to its architectural design the hotel has belonged since the beginning among the most characteristic dominants of Štrbské Pleso. It has always been possible to admire its typical silhouette already from the distance of some kilometers away.

The original Hotel PANORAMA first opened its gates in 1970 due to World Championship in Nordic Skiing Events. The hotel served its guests until 2008. Since then it has been completely reconstructed and 40 years after its inception offers its services to hotel guests once again.